Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preparatory meeting in London

From the 7th to the 11th of November, Cristina Moya-Sánchez and Raphaelle Goodrich from London (England); Viveca Dahl and Thomas Nilsson from Lund (Sweden); Mine Bodur from Ankara (Turkey) and Eva Flores and Carlos Guallart from Saragosse (Spain) met in Harris Academy South Norwood (London) for preparing a Comenius project. Zhivka Nikolova from Varna (Bulgaria), couldn’t come to this meeting in London but she is project-partner too. Before commencing work, Mr. Sam Hainey, Principal, came to greet and welcome us personally.

Joining words for an active Europe.
Our objective is to develop a project concerning dialogue, that is the central activity at each international meeting should be communication. As the title of the project say, we think about working with keywords, themes that are of common interest and affect us all as European members. We´re planning for a project with students in the age of 13-14 years old.

Keywords are those that join us or we have in common like music, languages, gastronomy, sports etc. These words gives us cause to do activities in each school and to present them at our international meetings, for example: to sing a song, to recite poetry to cook and present a typical meal, to comment a work of art or monument of the city where the meeting takes place, etc. These plastic, artistic and/or academic works will be exposed at the international meetings and in our common blog.

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