Wednesday, November 23, 2011

During the meeting in London,

we took the following decisions:

We think Collaboration is essential in our project both teachers – teachers, teachers – students and students – students. The collaboration will be done at the meetings and between at each school and between the schools (students and teachers) with mail, our blog and maybe Skype.

Four meetings are planned:
November 2012 - Zaragoza, topic: Literacy. The meeting starts with presentations of each school and hometown. The presentations are digital and made and presented by the students. During the meeting, a debate will be prepared at groupdiscussions and in the end the debate will be realized. The meeting ends with a delivering of a new commission: Make a “MTV-video” of an European song. All the countries work with the same song.

March/April 2013 – Ankara, topic: Music. Together the students will organize a concert where they play 1-2 songs live (each school choose their own songs). The meeting ends with a delivering of a new commission: Make an advertising (poster) for a new chocolate bar.

November 2013 – London, topic: Innovations. During the meeting, the students will have the commission to create a real chocolate bar, using their science skills. And the keywords will be Food and Tehnology, Healthy living. The meeting ends with a delivering of a new commission: Make an presentation in some way optional way of “What is an innovation to you? Keywords: design, creativity

Spring 2014 – Lund, topic: Mathematic. We start the meeting with the creative presentations of thoughts about innovations. During the meeting, the students will discuss and solve different mathematical problems together and the solutions will be presented in different creative, multimedia ways. Evaluation of which competences you need as an successful European citizen will also be done as an final.

All the activities during the meetings are made in mixed, international studentgroups. All the students will live in hostfamilies during the meetings. If some of the applying countries don´t recieve the project, the countries who recieve the project will help each other to organize the meetings.

Competences we think are essential for the students and teachers to have and further on develop during the project are:
  • Communication (in english)
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
This is what we have decided and what we will work for. In December I will together with my collegue Thomas Nilsson, write the formula and as soon it´s ready, you will all be able to read and comment the contents.

The last thing we all agreed about, is to cross our fingers that we will have the project!

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