Friday, November 28, 2014

Music project "Hey Brother"

During the autumn we have had a music collaboration between our four different schools in four different countries: Germany, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. We picked the song ”Hey Brother” by Avicci. It´s a song about friendship, it´s a popular song that the students are very familiar with and it has a clear division in its form so it was quite natural to divide it into 4 parts. Each school worked and rehearsed with their students and made a recording. Cecilia, the Swedish music teacher, collected all the recordings and put them together to one song.

Verse 1: Turkey
Bridge: Spain
Verse 2:Germany
Bridge: Spain
Chorus+solo: Sweden
Verse 2: Germany
Bridge: Spain
Chorus+solo: Sweden

The music teachers involved report both challenges and learning new things. Here are a few examples:
The German music teacher  said that the older students have 1 music lesson in 5 years so it was a challenge to record “Hey brother” because they were not so familiar with instruments and didn’t have a lot of experience of singing. They worked with the whole group.

The Spanish school has one music teacher and they used the school orchestra.The
singer fell ill on the day of the recording. Recorded in iPad- mp3
Compared to German students, the Spanish 13-year olds have 3 lessons a week.

The Turkish school has one music teacher. the hardest part was to make the students find the same rhythm. They worked on the song for a whole day, recorded with phones and iPad. They worked with 4 students, 2 on guitar and 2 singers.
They have 2 music lessons a week.

The Swedish school has 3 music teachers, and the school has a lot of  equipment and  students who have a lot of musical education. “Hey brother” was part of a concert the year before and the students, a group of 10 students, knew the song well
The teacher learnt  that even a simple iPhone or iPad works just fine as a  recording device as regards the quality of the sound.

Every country had also attached photos that were used as a backgroound illustration in the music video.

The final step was to publish the video. Here it is!

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