Sunday, March 23, 2014


In the third week of March we celebrated the meeting Comenius project Solving problems for an active Europe, in which students and teachers from Südstadtschule (Hannover, Germany), Fäladsgården (Lund, Sweden) and Santa María del Pilar (Zaragoza, Spain) have participated. The teachers who attended the meeting were: from Fäladsgården: Viveca DAHL and Andreas HARDELIN); from Südstadtschule: Susanne ROTHERMUND and Nicole BECKER; and from Santa María del Pilar: Eva FLORES, Elisa MATEOS, Rebeca ROMERO and Carlos GUALLART. Students attending were: of Fäladsgården: Saron Tareke, Milla Berglund, Kajsa Toresson, Astrid Lillangen, Emilia Sturesson and Malin Hobro; of Südstadtschule: Veronika Müller, Marc-Leon Trapp, Melisa Gümus, Aleyna Turna and Jasmin Kuqui; and of Santa María del Pilar: Alejandra Belda, Lucía Bescós María Bueno, Ana Molins, Natalia Cabeza, Alba Castillo, Lorena Mehavilla, Laura Gispert, Claudia Lasheras, Santiago Borao, Alejandro Montero and Lucía de Prats. As we prepared at the previous meeting of Hannover, meetings and activities were devoted to present our school, city and country; discuss learning styles (“What type of learner are you?”) and discuss what being young people in Europe means (To be a young person in Europe). In addition we decided the song would work at the next meeting.

Meeting in Zaragoza from Daniel Moreno on Vimeo.

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