Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Evaluation of Comenius meeting in Zaragoza March 18-25 2014 - The Swedish team

Before our Swedish students From Fäladsgården school came to Spain they were mostly worried about things like not being able to communicate with the Spanish students and their families. Another worry was that there would be an awkward silence sometimes during dinner.
However, what they soon discovered was that it was not at all that bad. They tried to start conversations and they could communicate without any major problems.

The communication worked most of the times and the students said that whenever there was a problem, they would ask each other to repeat what they had just said, find synonyms, use body language or try to explain things in a different way.

When asked about the biggest differences between the Swedish and Spanish way of life, they said that it was the breakfast menu, late dinners, long school days and wearing shoes indoors that they remember most.

Lessons they have learnt during the exchange programme:

  • They now know a lot more about Spanish culture, history and traditions and in particular everyday life in another European country.
  • They have become more confident in using the English language. The students have learnt to communicate in a more effective way and not being so insecure or worried about making mistakes.
  • The students have spoken a lot to both Spanish and German students and learnt about their ways of looking at things. Naturally, they have discovered both similarities and differences. As one girl put it:
I have learnt how very different life can be in another country but the bottom line is, we are all the same”.

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